Ya'at'eeh! (Greetings). Summer is almost here, this is more the reason to take advantage of our Summer Season Packages of 4x4 vehicles and horse tours in both Monument Valley and Mystery Valley. The great part about this time of the year is the days are hot, sometimes warm, but the evenings are cool enough for a campfire or nice fire to be built in the stoves of our rental Hogans (traditional Navajo homes). This is an experience in its own; a full day at the park followed by a delicious dinner and lounging to the crackle of cedar wood in the heath of the hogan. Book with our company today, you will not be disappointed. Please always let us know of the date and time, that you will be interested in doing any type of tour. Then we know when we will be expecting your arrival. Thank You!!


  • Margaret

    My daughter and I are going on your horse ride and Jeep tour
    Could you suggest a Hotel near by please(February 17th to 20th)

  • Roy Black

    Yes it is a very interesting and beautiful place. The different colors from the sunrise and sunset will make your experience very enjoyable. We always do very very best to have all of our customers enjoy every minute of the tour. If you never have rode a horse, we have horses that we provide for beginners, medium and experience riders, and also we have navajo guides that will teach you how to stop, go, and turn the horse. The most interesting thing about our horseback rides is that our stable is located inside the Monument Valley Tribal Park, near the restricted area, and so all of our horse tour routes are in the restricted area, where no one is allowed to take their own personal vehicle, guided tour only. we can show you a lot of arches, petro-cliff, picture graphs, and give many information on the history of the navajo, plants, animals and etc. Hopefully we will have you book with Roy Black’s guided tours.

  • Ciara Kennedy

    this seems like a brilliant place especially the tours and the adventures also the venue hopefully we can visit as a field trip cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ciara Kennedy

    hey I just wanna say this sounds like a very interested place hopefully I can visit one day

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